Toyota Yaris celebrates 15th birthday – History and Evolution

One of the most popular ” city ” cars in Europe, Toyota Yaris, celebrates a decade and a half of existence.

Toyota Yaris review

History and Evolution of the Toyota Yaris

Year 1999. Toyota began production of its all-new supermini car ready in the month of March this year comes to European customers . An easier way for Toyota would be continued continuity and just launched its new car as Starlet , model in one form or another is on the road from in 1973. year. The new car is just not a new version of the starlet , this car was revolutionary and demanded a new identity . It is designed and engineered to be the ultimate car for city life , with the name of the XXI century in the cities of the XXI century .

Toyota Yaris red

This car is the Yaris and it will become a key factor in the new face of Toyota in Europe . July 2013. years , Toyota tot celebrated a remarkable event – European sales reached three million copies . For all this time , he has refined through three generations and has won numerous awards . Some of them are prizes for the Engine of the Year in 1999. and 2000th 1.0 -liter or 1.3 -liter VVT -i engine . This recognition is joining the long-sought title of European Car of the Year and the safest small car , awarded by Euro NCAP .

It is created from the beginning to the Toyota factory in France , near the town of Valenciennes in the north of the country , Yaris proudly carries the ” original French products.” This title Yaris received before any other car , and even the renowned French brands like Peugeot 208 and Renault Clio . This label customers clearly and unequivocally speaks about the origin of the product and is reserved only for products that are produced exclusively in France. In the case of Toyota , it designs , employing workers and distributed Yaris in France , and is therefore among the first to deserve this title in the automotive industry .

Toyota Yaris preview

Most importantly , this shows that wherever the Yaris products , there is as legendary Toyota quality and attention to detail. To prove the leading research technical characteristics and customer satisfaction as well as German TUV and JD Power , where the Yaris is highly ranked in terms of reliability and durability . The success of the Yaris comes at a time when people are changing their habits and drive smaller cars , thereby not making compromises in things that make them happy. For example, the Yaris is the first vehicle in its segment equipped with a full navigation system , which is 2004th was reserved for much larger and more expensive cars.

Toyota Yaris interior

” Incorporation ” of the legendary reliability and high quality of the Toyota in a small , but effective , body , Yaris for many offers surprisingly fun to drive . People get used to the small car , Toyota Yaris impress modern style exterior , futuristic interior and agile handling and comfortable driving characteristics . This success is remarkable in a country that loves small cars , but only the best – Italy. He’s here at heart and Italy is historically the largest market for the Toyota Yaris in Europe .

After the immediate success of the first generation , the new model has arrived 2005th Retained intelligent ” genes ” of the original Toyota Yaris , but with a focus on even greater flexibility cabins and the latest technology . This model had the Toyota Easy Flat seating system overlaps the first knee airbag in the segment and Smart Entry and push button start . Yaris really gave the impression of class .

Toyota Yaris back


Recently, the new Toyota Yaris entered the ground , when the 2012th first Toyota Yaris hybrid rolled off the assembly line in France. The first in this segment , the hybrid system is built into the Yaris combines a 1.5 -liter VVT -i petrol engine and electric motors , for which emits minimum levels in its class , reducing not only carbon dioxide but also particles of soot . Also , has significantly reduced fuel consumption . He was the first hybrid city car that is due to the positive impact on air quality appointed Eco Car of the Year 2012, by the Association of Journalists of France .

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