Toyota Venza Discontinued

It needs to be stated that during the March of 2015 it was announced that there would be a discontinuation of Toyota Venza. This would be a bad news for all those who loved the design and performances of this car.

Lats 2015 Toyota Venza

Last 2015 Toyota Venza


It needs to be pointed out that the last generation of Toyota Venza was started in 2015 and that it was successfully sold all over the world. However, the manufacturer announced that he would stop the production of this model in June 2015 for the USA market.


We should first mention the price list for particular trims of Toyota Venza. First of all, there were four different trims and packages of the latest Toyota Venza and they were: LE FWD, LE AWD, XLE and Limited. The prices for them were different and were scaled as follows: $29 065 for LE FWD, $30 515 LE AWD, $34 150 for XLE and $39 940 for Limited trim.


Lats 2015 Toyota Venza back

Last 2015 Toyota Venza back

The car has a very elegant, stylish and modern exterior design. This is best seen in smooth edges of the vehicle which are only gorgeously equipped by LED headlights and taillights, and fog lamps. Toyota Venza was produced with four doors and a cargo opening.


Lats 2015 Toyota Venza interior

Last 2015 Toyota Venza interior

The thing which was very good about Toyota Venza was the interior design. Namely, there was more than enough space and comfort for the maximum of five passengers which could be placed on two rows of seats. The comfort was only enhanced by the usage of top quality fabrics for seats. The thing which is very important is that this vehicle is very safe which can be seen from numerous safety options which are incorporated, such as seven airbags, stability control, rear-view camera and other. Furthermore, the manufacturer also included numerous technological advancements such as satellite navigation, internet and Bluetooth connectivity. All this was done in order to make driving more comfortable and safer for all passengers.

Lats 2015 Toyota Venza

Last 2015 Toyota Venza

Engine and Transmission

The manufacturer produced this model with two engine options. The first engine option of the last Toyota Venza was a 2.7 liter engine. We are talking about the engine which has four cylinders and is able to produce up to 268 horsepower. The second engine option that the manufacturer offered on the market was a 3.5 liter V6 engine. The common thing for both engine versions is that they both have small fuel consumption and were very interesting to buyers as such. As stated in the pricing of this car, this car was offered with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Also, both engine options are paired with the automatic transmission which has six speeds.
If we rethink once again, then the discontinuation of Toyota Venza may be a rash move since we are talking about a car which was made to be both elegant and with great performances. Nevertheless, the scheduled stoppage of production in June 2015 would definitely mark the end of this model to the dissatisfaction of many satisfied customers.

Look this test drive: 2014 Toyota Venza Limited V6 AWD

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