Toyota Tundra tow Space Shuttle Endeavour

Toyota Tundra Tow Space Shuttle Endeavour? That is what is happened. There were a lot of words and bet whether something like this even possible or not, and if it turns out that it is quite possible. We were escorted to the event is rare, and now we present it to you.

Here is video of Toyota Tundra tow Space Shuttle:

if you can guess how much power is needed to pull a space shuttle? We do not know either, but I assume that’s a lot. Not to us most clearly how she had come to the event, but we assume that some of Toyota said that his model Tundra so good that it can pull the space shuttle. But his interlocutor did not like it, and I guess so then came up to the events that took place in front of several thousand people.

Toyota Tundra tow Space Shuttle 2
Toyota Tundra tow Space Shuttle

That’s exactly what occurred Saturday evening when Toyota provided a hand drawing the retired spacecraft over a bridge en course to the California Science.

As it turned out, the Manchester Boulevard Bridge couldn’t stand up to the weight of both the shuttle and the standard tow car, which sent out planners browsing for something a little lighter to cover the five-minute drive across the bridge.

Toyota Tundra tow Space Shuttle 1

The firm developed an unique tow dolly with Sarens Group, an engineering and heavy-lifting company, merely for the effort. A bone-stock 2012 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4×4 did the act, though something tells us this little stunt considerably surpassed the device’s tow rating.

Toyota Tundra tow Space Shuttle side

We do not know whether Toyota will continue with these exhibitions, and with this achievement. I hope so! This was a great show and the program only showed the quality of their vehicles.

We WILL continue to inform you of any new details about Toyota and its vehicles.

Here is video of Toyota Tundra challenge:


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