Toyota Hi-CT Concept

The Toyota Hi-CT is a modern car concept that was developed at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007. This concept is a design for the deliverance of coolness, and its inspiration comes from the lifestyles and thinking of the youth. For a little car, its styling is bold and chunky. It features short windows and high sides that exaggerate the design of truck-line technology. At the rear point of the car, there is a trunk that is removable and a deck that can be used to store bicycles, surfboards and other categories of items. These allow the computer generation to have a film of the journey.

Toyota Hi-CT Concept side

Toyota Hi-CT Concept

This Toyota Hi-CT Concept is fitted with a hybrid drive-train that uses an engine of 1.5 liter and an electric motor. The mains are used to charge the battery that is mounted on the under-floor. Where the battery is located has the effect of lifting the position of the driver that gives enhanced visibility. This also lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle. The has a socket of 100V that allows electrical devices to use power from the battery. This car model is equipped to carry a group of people and a definite amount of cargo.

Toyota Hi-CT Concept back

As much as it is not the best model for carrying luggage, the Toyota Hi-CT Concept selling point is the technology of plug-in. Different from other hybrids such as the Toyota Prius, charging of a hybrid plug-in is done through a wall outlet that relates to the internal engine combustion. It contains four transporter seats under the glass roof. The controls of steering are inspired by a fighting jet, with a controller that look like yoke containing two buttons that are used to downshift and up-shift. All instruments, HVAC date and entertainment is located in a single display of panoramic that is above the dashboard. This car is styled unconventionally, but it is an environmental friendly, and its primary target is the young buyers.

Interior Features

Toyota Hi-CT Concept interior

It is fitted with a wide cabin that enhances interior flexibility and ensures that the Hi-CT accommodates five adults. The rear seats are in such a way that you can rotate them t0 180 degrees. This allows those seated in the back seat have a view of the road as it disappears to the background.

Toyota Hi-CT Concept inside

Design and Specs

The Toyota Hi-CT Concept obliges to the state of California, U.S. and Canadian programs of federal vehicle emissions and has met all the necessary requirements for the 2014 model year. Toyota Hi-CT Concept comes with a new and unconstrained look with a conventional size of 3,300mm in length, the width of 1,695mm and 1,780mm in height. The base of the wheel is 2325mm that adds up to 91.5 inches. This model is characterized by an automatic transmission, and its place of origin is Japan. It has a V engine configuration with a speed of up to100mph.

Toyota Hi-CT Concept moonroof


The Hi-CT is a pure concept vehicle which has no chance of production, has a stubby nose and overall dimensions that are compact manufactured with the issue of crowding in cities considered. Toyota considers the car price friendly.

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