2017 Toyota Matrix Price and News

2017 Toyota Matrix would be a perfect family car which would most probably provide maximum comfort and safety. We found some more news, and information about new Matrix 2017, so we are going to present them to you.

2017 Toyota Matrix Release Date

2017 Toyota Matrix review

It should be made crystal clear that 2017 Toyota Matrix is still a kind of an enigma to most of vehicle dealers and fans. The manufacturer has not announced the official exhibit of this car during any car or auto show. This practically means that we are left with no clue regarding the possible release date of this model for sales in official dealerships. We can only assume that the official presentation would happen somewhere during the next, i.e. 2016, year.

2017 Toyota Matrix Price

2017 Toyota Matrix models

The mere fact that 2017 Toyota Matrix has not been released gives us the right to claim that there are no specific prices for particular trims. However, there are some assumptions which ae based on the pricing of the previous generations. Those claims predict that the price range for this particular vehicle would go from $17,000 for the basic model, and even up to $24,000.


One this is considered to be sure, and that is that 2017 Toyota Matrix would be produced as a model with four doors. The trunk part would be a bit bigger and it would have its own opening. The smooth and aerodynamic lines are only there to increase the overall elegant, stylish and modern appearance of the vehicle. The newest LED technology would most probably used for the production of headlights, taillights and fog lamps which would certainly be perfectly incorporated in the overall design.


2017 Toyota Matrix would have two seat rows and the possibility to carry five passengers. The overall comfort is guaranteed through enough leg and headspace and also through the usage of numerous settings which can be found on the dashboard, display screen and steering wheel. The manufacturer would use a lot of modern technologies and accessories in order to make driving more comfortable and safer for passengers.

2017 Toyota Matrix

2017 Toyota Matrix Engine and Transmission

We would begin with the transmission of this car. Namely, it is predicted that 2017 Toyota Matrix would be equipped with the automatic transmission which would have five speeds. There are also some speculations which claim that the manufacturer is also reconsidering the possibility of introducing the manual transmission version. Since we are talking about the unknown model, we can only assume what types of engines the manufacturer would use.

So, it is expected that the manufacturer would offer either 1.3 liter engine or 1.4 liter engine, the first one having four cylinders and the second one being a diesel engine. The strongest engine option that the manufacturer is rumoured to offer would be a 1.8 liter engine which would have four cylinders. It is also not know how strong these engines would be, but it is expected that they would be able to produce from 100 to 130 horsepower and to use about 130 lb-ft of torque.
We are only left with the conclusion that this model is expected to be a good choice for every family.

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