2017 Toyota Auris News and Release Date

To begin with, 2017 Toyota Auris is a very trendy, modern and stylish SUV which would be perfect for all those who are in need of a fast, reliable and modern car in order to display speed and power. The combination of all specifications and fuel efficiency and price would make this SUV a real deal for many.

2017 Toyota Auris Release Date

The manufacturer has not published any information regarding the official presentation date of 2017 Toyota Auris. Consequently, there are not any information regarding potential sales of this model in official dealerships. However, it is expected that this model would be launched during the beginning of the next year. The production and sales are expected to begin a couple of months after.

2017 Toyota Auris review

2017 Toyota Auris review

2017 Toyota Auris Price

Naturally, there are no specific price list for specific trims and models for 2017 Toyota Auris. However, there are certain estimations that predict that th basic model would start from about $14,000; however, this is only a prediction. However, we are left to see how much particular trims would cost.


2017 Toyota Auris performance

2017 Toyota Auris performance

It is believed that this SUV would be very stylish, elegant and modern in exterior terms in order to suffice the needs of younger generations. The entire SUV is expected to be very aerodynamically and aesthetically pleasing. The vehicle itself is expected to be a little bit higher than its predecessors. Furthermore, there are some speculations which say that the manufacturer would offer 2017 Toyota Auris both with two and three doors. The careful incorporation of headlights and taillights would only increase the modern and stylish appearance of 2017 Toyota Auris.


The manufacturer would make this car to be able to receive up to five passengers. The comfort and space for all of them are certainly guaranteed. The manufacturer is also expected to use top quality materials and fabrics during the production of seats and upholstery. The dashboard and steering wheel would be certainly equipped with numerous functions for comfort and safety settings. There would be also modern technologies incorporated such as a color display.

2017 Toyota Auris side

2017 Toyota Auris side

Engine of Auris 2017

The manufacturer is expected to include both front-wheel and four-wheel drive in this model option. It is believed that 2017 Toyota Auris would have a 1.6 liter engine as a basic one. It is also believed that this engine would be able to produce about 132 horsepower. Since we are talking about a car which is expected to be very fast, acceleration would be very important. This is why it is speculated that this model would be able to achieve up to 60 mph in only 10 seconds. The manufacturer is also believed to create a very fuel efficient car which would be able to spend only 30.5 mpg.

There is not much left to be said but to conclude that 2017 Toyota Auris is a perfectly designed SUV which would be perfect for all those who want to have a very modern and reliable SUV for a very good price and low fuel consumption.

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