2016 Toyota Yaris HSD Concept

The new 2016 Toyota Yaris HSD is coming soon to the market. The advocating of more environmental friendly car has recently led to the unveiling of more, green cars. Though still using petrol, new models that emit lower carbon dioxide levels that are affordable are introduced to the market every day. The Toyota Yaris takes the uniqueness to another level with a more compact, appealing car yet virtually noiseless car which has a lot offer. This car combines all the new technological advanced features in a compact yet beautiful automotive perfect for a couple or a small family.


2016 Toyota Yaris HSD interior

Inside 2016 Toyota Yaris HSD boosts of more space. The top is higher and the leg accommodation area is also long enough to accommodate even tall people. As a means of adding class and touch, less of the plasticity nature and more of fabric is used. Inside the car equipment such as an air-conditioned system with high tech electric windows and mirrors are integrated in the cars system. Unique seat upholstery is seen in the Toyota Yaris, which is flexible and has unique trim. A touch screen navigation and Bluetooth system is included in the cars structure. In addition to that a new multimedia system and more spacious storage cubbies have also been added. To aid with safety, a rear view camera is integrated in the system, which comes in handy with the parking of the car. Standard air bags at the front and at the side are also included.


2016 Toyota Yaris HSD preview

2016 Toyota Yaris HSD preview

In this model, a revised revamped feature is clearly seen. A larger lower grille is seen that blends well with the tear drop shaped fog lights. The headlights come up at a higher angle with smart LED strips. The cars over is generally shaped after an Aygo -inspired nose with sleek chrome trims. This bolder style makes it stand out from the crop of many mini vehicles. Alloy rims add practicality to the vehicle with it being lighter and with great appearance. The car comes in white and grey with the hope that other colors would be introduced.


2016 Toyota Yaris HSD engine

2016 Toyota Yaris HSD engine

True to its eco credentials, the 2016 Toyota Yaris HSD has a 1.5-litre four cylinder petrol engines and electric motor, developing a combined 98bhp. The power is idiyic for city life that enables you to move around in pure EV mode. The power stands at 55 kW at 4 800 r/min (total with a system output of approximately 74 kW. Its transition runs at approximately 0 to 100 km/h: in 11,8 seconds, which is agile enough comparing to its engine capacity. Top speed of this car is marked at 165 km/h with its fuel consumption at 3,8 L/100 km and CO 2 emission at 85.6 g/km. This makes it one of the most cleanest none plug- in hybrid model in the world.

2016 Toyota Yaris HSD Price

The Toyota Yaris hybrid is also relatively easier to drive on smooth terrain roads. However its versatility in rough terrain is still in doubt, seen as a city car. Battery consumption stands at range of 1.2 a mile. A standard 100,000 mile/ five-year warranty is included to make the offer more enticing. With the expected responsible performance, the price stands at an estimated amount of $ 18,000.

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