2016 Toyota Tarago Release Date

Brand name Toyota Tarago is one of the brand names of a modernized people mover.
It is not strange to the market but is an improvement of similar Toyota models like Old Town Ace and the Master Ace surf which were popular in Japan.

The 2016 Toyota Tarago is a brand name specifically designed for the Australian market.
As for new 2016 Toyota Tarago, it seeks to accommodate major structural modifications in line with current market trends.


2016 Toyota Tarago

Exterior features are major improvements from the erstwhile 3rd generation models.
Front lights feature a modernized package of LED headlights.
Air intake features have been strategically placed in between the headlights and lower than the main body.
Placing the air intake in this manner has proved to be effective in as far as the amount of intake required for the car are concerned.

Body features are aerodynamically designed with soft curves and bends.
Back lights have a panel feature that combines both the brake lights and tail lights in a compressed aesthetic format.

2016 Toyota Tarago back

Back lights are also in LED.
Back door is large enough to accommodate large cargo.
Wheel base is 2,950 mm, body length 4,795 mm, width 1,800 mm and height 1,750 mm respectively.


2016 Toyota Tarago interior

The interior has a seat arrangement of 3 rows, which is feature common with this model.
The back seats are designed to be movable, so that more room can be created to accommodate large cargo.
This means that the back seat can be turned into a cargo space.
At the controls, the control panel features a modern state of the art touch screen console where all the car controls have been centralized.

Navigation system is one of the best in the market for cruise cars. It also incorporates a USB connection and the audio system are built to match and are functioning very well.
The seats have been designed keeping in mind the spinal cord and has also the lateral protrusions for support when leaning back.

2016 Toyota Tarago can accommodate up to 8 passengers seated comfortably.
Colors available are varied depending on customers preferences.


Engine design comes with a powerful 2.4 l engine with 4 cylinder using petrol.
The gearbox has been redesigned. The CVT mark also surpasses the specifics of its suspension.
An improved power train has also been incorporated bearing in mind the policy of the company to comply with improved and continued energy saving features.

2016 Toyota Tarago Release Date and Price

2016 Toyota Tarago release date is expected to be at the end of 2015. Price for this model is going to be around $ 52,000 depending on features and equipment.

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