2016 Toyota Scion FR-S (GT 86) Concept and Price

The 2016 Toyota Scion FR-S is a four wheel drive with four doors. The lighter and thinner design of the car has ensured that its weight stays below 1300 Kg. 53 per cent of this weight is distributed to the front while the rear has the remaining 47 per cent.

This biased weight distribution was meant to enhance the handling balance of the car. The car’s interior has a schematic rigor which is wonderfully designed and it’s only noticeable when the automotive is moving. The seating position is somewhat sublime and this offer a very low hip point. The design is also customized to offer support to the knees in high lateral roads. This is done by building soft knee-pads onto the door trim. The car measures 4750mm long, has a width of 1780mm and is 1400mm tall. Its wheelbase spans 2750mm.

2016 Toyota Scion FR-S (GT 86) cabrio

2016 Toyota Scion FR-S Release date

This car is being developed with the code name 734A and it is expected to be launched and released to the market in the late 2016 if all goes as planned. The hybrid variant will however be preceded by the turbo variant by a few months.The convertible variant on the other hand is expected to arrive in October this year.

2016 Toyota Scion FR-S (GT 86) back


The 2016 Toyota GT-86 sedan will have two engines. A 2.5 liter Subaru sourced engine which is turbo charged will be available for the model with a range topping. This engine has a 295 horsepower. This same engine will be used in the GT86 Coupe. The second engine is a hybrid most likely of a Toyota system. There will be in wheel electric motors which will serve to provide power to the front wheels hence making the GT86 Sedan a four wheel drive.


The 2016 Toyota Scion FR-S has a performance worth working its price. It has a crisp throttle response and its gearshift is precise and positive if not completely notch free. To make a swift progress, the four wheels make a solid rasp upon winding it. The GT86 coupe automatic variant moves from 0-62 mph in 8.2 seconds while the GT86 coupe manual makes the same performance in only7.6 seconds. Both variants emit 164g/km and 181g/km of CO2 respectively. Its braking system and stopping mechanism is also good.

2016 Toyota Scion FR-S (GT 86) interior

Price of 2016 Toyota Scion FR-S

Since it comes is several variants, the different variants have their estimated costs. The 2016 Toyota Scion FR-S hybrid sedan is estimated to go at $46,175 while the four door turbo charged will cost approximately $36,940. The 2016 Toyota GT-86 coupe is however priced a bit higher than the other variants. Its estimated cost is expected to be about $40,000

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