2016 Toyota Rukus

2016 Toyota Rukus – dare to be different. This little square car is the latest hit that comes from Toyota. The Japanese have managed to suprise us once again, after the Furia and the MeWe, there we have it – Rukus. There are three build types of this same little not so pretty car and all three of them won’t be so easy to be described. Since the design is all in all a bit dull, you can put some mask on it, make it your own and easy to be found in a crowded parking lot.


2010 Toyota Rukus

There is really nothing much to say about the exterior, boxy and with small front and backlights, the sing on the front, a small grille, just so that you can say that we have it. All three build types have 16-inch steel wheels. The materials are futuristic, but for a minivan it doesn’t really get our attention when driving by. The windows are big, cause so is the car and you can surely see when someone is trying to sneak up on you. As the market reports, this car has already caught the attention of some yournger crowd, could’ve fooled me! Other specs and info below.

2016 Toyota Rukus interior

2016 Toyota Rukus interior

We are still talking about the three types of the 2016 Toyota Rukus. The build one has a 2.4l VVT-i engine, smart entry and start system, six speaker audio, cruise control, a CD tuner with voice control and Bluetooth compatibility and a steering wheel with audio controls. Over to build two, we have nine speaker audio (with a sub woofer), auto air conditioning, leather accented interior, premium steering wheel with audio control and 6.1 inch touch screen with voice control and Bluetooth compatibility. The build three is an advanced version of the build two and has an extra tilt and slide moonroof, for those romantic souls, who like to watch the sky, a satellite navigation and traffic avoidance system, DivX media files and Bluetooth compatibility on your 6.1 inch touch screen.

The performance of 2016 Toyota Rukus is remarkable, a sleek drive thru the curvy city streets, but also a good support for a short off-road drive, but try not to get caught in some mud, otherwise, there won’t be anything else to do, but to take the top off (if you have it) and spend some time looking at the moon. The brakes are automatic, so that the ride can be smooth and it’s suggested to make a test drive on a highway.

2016 Toyota Rukus engine

2016 Toyota Rukus Price and release date

The price depends of your location and some other characteristic, but it goes from $28.000 to $34.000. The color palette is bigger than the car itself, we are talking about glacier white, silver pearl, ink, dark furnace, amazon, aura, cherry and dynamic blue. Well, atleast we can understand which colors are we talking about, there are no pompeus names. Maybe there is nothing that much pompeus about this car. I think my grandma would love it.

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