2016 Toyota I Road Release Date and Price

2016 Toyota I Road will have a design made like little green city car, and that will make him one of the best models in the market by 2016. In addition, the specifications of car should make it among the classic and stylish cars by then.

Here is long version of presentation for Toyota I road from Toyota Global:


2016 Toyota I Road side

The 2016 Toyota I Road comes with a new performance that will make it one of the best in the market if you are looking for class and style. It will have an audio player of about 7 inches screen and GPS for navigation support. On its guard, it has a stainless steel fitted in the front to forms the part of the bumper. The car will have an amazing accelerating ability of about 70 miles in 10 seconds. In addition, this will add beauty to the vehicle while adding more protection. This will for sure make it one of the stylish cars in the market in terms of stability and durability. It will have space for one adult and one kid.

2016 Toyota I Road models

Engine & Fuel Economy

The 2016 Toyota I Road will have Electric engine, and it will be Green, and good for the city, it need little space, and little parking space.

2016 Toyota I Road interior

2016 Toyota I Road Price & Release Date

2016 Toyota I Road will retail in the market about $ 64,000 and the prices may vary according to the personalized additional features in the car. Many reports have claimed that the car is likely to be launched into the market come February the year 2016. Until then, we have to wait with speculations even as we prepare to see the amazing features of the car.

The above review should only act as a guide on the features and specifications that you need to expect if you want to buy the car once launched into the market by the beginning of year 2016.

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