2016 Toyota MeWe

This Toyota is a multifunction Tupperware car. We see it as a plastic-wrapped electric eco-box on wheels. Freedom, lightness and unique sense in every way there is. The name comes from a collaboration between Toyota’s European design crew and the noted industrial designer Jean-Marie Massaud – ME.WE concept.


2016 Toyota MeWe is one of a kind exterior, sheated in recyclable polypropylene and a bit resembling to a big styrofoam with a motor and cooler and some futons inside. Toyota tried to let it’s hair down. Many would’ve never connected Toyota with green cars, but they were soooo wrong. It has some boxy proportions and earthy color schemes. The aluminium structure and the polypropylene panels keep the weight to a minimum, just 1.653 pounds, only 31 lbs of which are the body panels. At 134.5 inches long, 68.9 inches wide, and 63 inches tall, the ME.WE is about as wide and tall as a Mini Cooper Countryman, while being more than two feet shorter. 

2016 Toyota MeWe interior

2016 Toyota MeWe interior

The inside is just amazing, I have never seen anything like it. It reminds of the 1960s european beach cars, like the Mini Moke and Fiat Jolly. Sure makes me feel jolly! But check out the steering wheel, some Star Trek moment or what?! You can just see how the two worlds crashed. Bamboo is used throughout the interior, both renewable and aesthetically pleasing, so says Toyota. 2016 Toyota MeWe also has the body panels that are 100% recyclable, heating and air-conditioning use a low-energy pump and heated seats are used to keep power use to a minimum. For the sunny days and the trips to the beach, all of the windows can be dropped, even the windshield. That should additionally improve the ambience of already airy interior, that uses a minimalist smartphone display to provide the driver with all needed information.

Engine and performance of the 2016 Toyota MeWe

Power comes from space-saving electric wheel-hub motors—on either two or all four wheels—and a floor-mounted battery pack of unspecified capacity. Toyota claims the ME.WE is “thus liberated from traditional packaging constraints”. As you have already guessed, everything is in a eco-friendly mode, which, I personally love.

2016 Toyota MeWe featured

2016 Toyota MeWe Price and release date

Well, the price is a big mistery, but since everything that is partially extreme just can’t be cheap, we might be talking with big numbers. I would love to see something close to $18.000 for a gas version, abour $24K for hybrid and $28K for electric. The release of this car is nowhere officially specified, but there were some hints of the exhibition that took place in Paris. I am sure that true fans will find a way to this little shifty car and be sure to brag with it to their friends. The kind of people I see in this car are the always concerned, who never wanted to buy a car, out of some idealistic convictions or a bunch of vegans who store tons of fruits and veggies and fastened them with the seatbelts in the back. Great for them!

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