2016 Toyota Hillux Concept and Price

Having being into the auto production industry for long, Toyota Hillux prides to supply the auto market with high-quality and unparalleled products. This includes but not limited to the 2016 Toyota Hillux that will be a mile far in terms of beauty, performance, efficiency and durability when compared to other models that will hit the market at the same time.

Despite that there is no enough information about this 2016 Toyota Hillux; rumors indicate that it will be sold by the end of 2016 or start of 2017. However, it is quite unfortunate that Toyota has not clarified how much they will offer the car for even though rumors claim that it will be somewhere between $120,000 and $150,000.

2016 Toyota Hillux spy photos

The predicted engine options

To date, no detailed information regarding the preferred engine option for this car but based on 2016 Toyota Hillux rumors, it will receive both a diesel and petrol powertrain. The thermal efficiency of these powertrains is expected to be around 38% which is 10% more efficient when compared to all powertrains available in the market. The most preferred engine option is 5.o liter Turbo diesel Cummins V-8 which generates a power output of 300 and torque of 500 lb-ft . However, the preferred petrol engine is not yet known but it is expected to be strong and efficient enough to meet all current auto specs.


2016 Toyota Hillux back

Unlike other models that received a minimalistic design, the 2016 Toyota Hillux will get a contemporary aggressive front bumper grill. It will also be a bit longer when compared to other models looking at the fact that Toyota has already it is predicted to be more than 5.2 m long. Due to the beefy exterior look, this car model will set a new face in the automotive industry.


The stylish and classy interior will be a great boost to all Toyota Hillux lovers. It is rumored that the interior space will be increased and equipped with more sophisticated gadgets. This will include but not limited to entertainment systems, safety-based systems, control units, improved seat designs and modified interior look.

2016 Toyota Hillux

2016 Toyota Hillux Performance

Due to the enhanced structures and gadgets availed in this car; the performance will be boosted greatly. For example, the modified exterior surface will help boost its ability to bear different weather conditions among which include rains, snow and heat. As well, increase in the interior and cargo size will help increase its ability to carry more loads. Due to the stylish front grille and redesigned chrome parts, the car appearance will also be enhanced.

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