2016 Toyota FT-Bh Release Date and Concept

The 2016 Toyota FT-Bh concept model was first premiered in the Geneva auto show last 2012. This hybrid vehicle is being designed to be less than 800kg (786kg) which is considered to be ultra-light. Another amazing specification in the overall design of the vehicle is the low fuel consumption that is significantly better than other competitors. Furthermore, it has an outstanding decrease in emission rate. This 2016 Toyota FT-Bh Hybrid is set to be in the B-segment family car and is very affordable.

Design and Exterior

2016 Toyota FT-Bh wheel

Anyone’s first impression usually goes to the appearance of the car which is somewhat futuristic and is really different from the current cars running in the roads today. Toyota has emphasized the keen looking style of the car that is dedicated to a next-Gen vehicle. Its dimensions are 3,985mm by 1,695mm, and 1,400mm. You may also notice the wheel base which is elongated for 2,570mm. The concept embedded in the FT-Bh aims to achieve five main goals that include weight reduction, maximum fuel efficiency, engine efficiency, reduced cruise resistance, and thermal energy management.


2016 Toyota FT-Bh front

The concept of the vehicle is inspired under the Ecomotion theme. This means that the exterior design is able to contribute greatly to the ultra-low gas intake by incorporating emotive shapes and aerodynamic performance levels. The surface of the exterior signifies the “natural air flow” concept, thus making it reflect to something that just “goes with the wind”.


2016 Toyota FT-Bh back

Superior aerodynamics combined with a significantly reduced weight, added with a powerful lightweight Powertrain, and cruise resistance reduction will lead to a projection of expressively decreased fuel consumption. For only 2.1 L, this car can travel for an astounding 100 km! Not to mention that it poses to reduce carbon dioxide emission that is as low as 49g/km.


2016 Toyota FT-Bh

As an affordable car, the 2016 Toyota FT-Bh has been very resourceful with its materials and has pride itself in choosing inexpensive materials and has only used lightweight elements such as aluminum, magnesium, and high-tensile-steel, and has not undergone a complex procedure which makes it very economical indeed.

2016 Toyota FT-Bh Engine

It is powered by a full hybrid Powertrain and has an engine that is so much lighter when you compare it to other cars of the same brand such as the Prius. The packed Lithium-ion battery also weighs by an astonishing 50 percent less than that of the Prius.


2016 Toyota FT-Bh interior

Low thermal capacity and high efficiency is the trademark of the lightweight 1.oL Atkinson cycle 2-cylinder gas engine that is able to optimize the efficiency of combustion by integrating a 13:1 ratio of long stroke to compression.

2016 Toyota FT-Bh Release Date

Toyota has not officially stated the price of the FT-Bh Hybrid concept. However, it is expected to be out in the market by the first quarter of 2015.

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