2016 Toyota FT-1 Release Date and Price

The 2016 Toyota FT-1 is coming to the market soon. This will be the new Toyota Supra on all the information we found online. Regarding this model we try to hear as many rumors about this model.

While Toyota heads were saying the car was just a principle developed to celebrate the Calty design workshop’s 40th anniversary in addition to pay tribute to Polyphony Digital’s ‘Vision Gran Turismo’ job, significant magazines were alleging the FT-1 to be the next-generation Supra.


2016 Toyota FT-1 interior

2016 Toyota FT-1 interior

When we talk about its interior we can say the following. As every sports car and this model FT-1 will be stiff and tight, to yield to aggression and adrenaline needed for extreme driving. Trays informative we found, actually we did not found any information about the interior. We assume that will be a model with two seats, although it is expected that Toyota may decide for 5 seats.


2016 Toyota FT-1 engine

2016 Toyota FT-1 engine

The entry-level variant is anticipated to incorporate a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol-four from the upcoming Lexus NX, while the flagship will employ a 2.5-litre turbo V6 hybrid powertrain producing even more compared to 300kW.

2016 Toyota FT-1 back

2016 Toyota FT-1 Price

The 2016 Toyota FT-1 price will be around $100,000. Certainly the new Supra will certainly be rear-wheel drive however it is also highly rumored to employ an LFA-style back transaxle, implying the brand-new Supra could possibly offer for less in comparison to $100,000 when it appears in showrooms as early as 2016.

2016 Toyota FT-1 review

2016 Toyota FT-1 Release Date

The exact 2016 Toyota FT-1 release date is unknown yet. The Toyota did not officially presented new model of FT-1, or like some of the rumors says that it will be new Toyota Supra. We don’t want that, and we are not sure that it will be good move for the manufacturer. Hove that will be affecting the market and Toyota’s earnings we will see it soon.

2016 Toyota FT-1 front

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