2016 Toyota Echo Release Date and Price

Toyota, one of the greatest automotive manufacturer. And it is a fact that Toyota is king in this game. Over the past decades, Toyota has been a preference to many car buyers in the market for its products are reliable.

2016 Toyota Echo Price

This great characteristic of Toyota cars is also extended to the new 2016 Toyota Echo that will probably go for a price tag of between $20, 000 and $ 30, 000. Truth be told, when you purchase a Toyota Echo car, you’re getting yourself a vehicle that prides itself with the Toyota DNA of reliability, quality and durability. Just like many other Toyota cars, this vehicle is engineered with the concept of longevity. Isn’t that good value for your money?

2016 Toyota Echo Release Date

The Echo model was introduced on the market in the year 1999; and Toyota has since entered into a deal with Mazda as a partner in revamping this vehicle and give it an awesome design. Although it has not been released to the market nor the official release date announce. Below is what to expect when this 2016 Toyota Echo is released.


2016 Toyota Echo interior

2016 Toyota Echo interior

Four doors and a Mazda2 grille decoration are still retained in this model. Unique tail lights, LED lights and xenon headlights will surely be a delight to new buyers. Elegance seems to have also been a centerpiece in this design of this car; this is clear from the curvy and fancy design. The interior capacity provides enough space to fit five grown-ups and enough legroom for comfort. There has not been an official confirmation of all the control features, but reliable sources claim that a 6.1 inch touch screen will be available to be used in operating the entertainment and information systems. It comes in a wide range of colors including white, royal blue, red, ivory, grey, black etc.


2016 Toyota Echo engine

2016 Toyota Echo engine

Under the hood, the 2016 Toyota Echo comes with a 4-cylinder engine with a 1.6 liter capacity. it generates a total of 224 horsepower and a torque of 420 lb-ft to drive the wheels. The story does not end with this amazing features; with the incorporation of some features of the Mazda2, a hybrid Engine will be the result. Hybrid models of this new design will not be powered by a lithium battery like their predecessors but an electric motor with a 45KW electricity capacity will be used.

2016 Toyota Echo Features

Other features that you might care to know about include the fact that this vehicle is a front-wheel drive kind of car and is incorporated with a programmed transmission (four-velocity). Additionally, its suspensions have been greatly revised to offer users a tremendous sense of comfort.

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