2016 Toyota Dear Qin sedan Release Date and Price

The first Toyota dear Qin sedan was launched back in 2012 and the company aims to bring a more improved,stylish and modern looking car by unveiling the new 2016 dear Qin sedan in Beijing. The design of the 2016 Toyota dear Qin sedan is modern looking and appears classic.


2016 Toyota Dear Qin sedan side

The 2016 Toyota Dear Qin sedan has rear view cameras and also panaromic roofs. It has a rather small cockpit but has added a variety of sophisticated devices such as the tachometer which the drivers will use to videotape turning of wheel basis which is a nice safety feature. There is also an odometer to indicate miles covered by the driver. Toyota has also introduced a dozen changes in the wipers,windshields,glass windows and also the infotainment device.

2016 Toyota Dear Qin sedan front


Toyota has not released any specs of the engines,performance and fuel consumption of the car but its expects that it will feature refined and efficient diesel and petrol engines thus low fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. There is also the talk of an hybrid system developed at the Toyota research and development center in Changashul China, so think of a modern classy Toyota prius! As the world continues to go green so are the major companies and its expected that the car will have very low carbon dioxide emissions. Taking into consideration that appearance is what will make people buy or not buy the car it’s speculated that the company has targeted people with families. People often take pride in their car and Toyota dear Qin is a car one can take pride of and drive to work in it. The car is also expected to come with medium horse power and holographic controls.Holographic controls are activated by a command wave. Toyota said that its new generation cars will feature bolder styles and lowered center of gravity so it’s expected that the dear qin will have these features present.

2016 Toyota Dear Qin sedan back

2016 Toyota Dear Qin sedan Release Date

The 2016 Toyota Dear Qin sedan is expected to be released by early 2015 or late 2015.The word qin is actually a mandarin word meaning dear though i don’t understand the reason for Toyota naming the sedan Toyota dear dear,anyway the company says it chose the name because it wants these models to be cherished many.We will know that possibly by early or mid 2015 after the car is released but from the appearance of the car and the hands on during its unveiling i believe that the car is not only going to deliver but many of it’s owners will cherish it for a long time.

2016 Toyota Dear Qin sedan

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