2016 Toyota Crown Athlete News

A dream racing on four wheels, the 2015-2016 Toyota Crown Athlete is yet another marvelous creation from this well reputed company. A car which can travel through any land, it is meant for the brave of heart. Its sturdy reputation and high quality build allows it to live up to the company name.

Just like Toyota, a company which has been winning people’s trust with their reliable reputation, this Toyota Crown is a stylishly designed car which promises to never let you down. It has been created with a rugged yet stylish appearance, valuing quality above all. Built for the traveler, it is not a car daunted by the long wanderings of city life, but instead, has been made to endure.
2016 Toyota Crown Athlete

2016 Toyota Crown Athlete Specs and Price

Moreover, it also comes with a luxurious interior finish meant to provide you with the ultimate comforts. It features many of the latest gadgets and technologies to make driving an easier and enjoyable experience. A true family car, it can comfortably accommodate a total of five adults. In keeping with its client base across the world, the car features right wheel drive along with automatic gears, guaranteed to make driving smooth and relaxing.

2016 Toyota Crown Athlete

This 2016 Toyota Crown Athlete will be the fourteenth masterpiece in the ‘Athlete’ series. It is a car whose rugged appearance belies its more charming and cozy interiors. With luxuries ranging from the plush interiors to the strong engine, the car is estimated to come within a surprisingly affordable price range starting at $56,200. It combines comfort with quality and endurance, making it an ideal vehicle for any enthusiastic driver.

2016 Toyota Crown Athlete interior

2016 Toyota Crown Athlete Engine

Under the hood, the car hides a V6 double overhead camshaft with an engine capacity of 3.5 liters. You can also opt for the standard engine capacity of 2.5 liters along with the two wheel drive (2WD). While this is ideal for the city, it also has another option. For the avid travelers, it is possible to choose a four wheel drive as an upgrade. This makes traveling through the more rougher terrain easier. It makes the ride a lot more enjoyable as the drive is smoother and the car is less likely to get stuck in difficult regions.

2016 Toyota Crown Athlete preview

Design of 2016 Toyota Crown Athlete

The sturdy build of the car allows it to easily roam the more dangerous areas. Its ability to bear the harshness of the lands makes it an ideal traveler’s companion. Although only the first look of the this beauty has been released so far, there is no doubt that its release is being closely anticipated and eagerly awaited by many.

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More on the history of the model: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Crown

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