2016 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

This 2016 Toyota Celica among the Toyota models that will bring class and style for the people who love the Toyota cars. Since the rumors started, many people have been looking forward for the car to be launched into the market come the year 2016.

2016 Toyota Celica Price & Release Date

The 2016 Toyota Celica will be launched into market by the march the year 2016. From the month, people will start buying it from the market. Its price will range starting from $ 28,000 to $ 32,000 after its launch into the market.

2015 Toyota Celica interior

2015 Toyota Celica interior


This Toyota car will have a six-speed automatic sequential transmission of energy that will enable it to move faster when compared to other old models that exists within market today. Due to its powerful transmission, the car will have a faster speed when compared to those existing within the market today. When compared to the current models, this will also have more features in terms of performance that outweigh the current features within the market thus making it the better option.

Engine & Fuel Consumption

The Toyota car will come with a V-6 engine that has 3.8 liter capacity slightly lower than the current 4.0 liter capacity. Its energy will be able to produce about 310 horsepower that is higher than the current 300 horsepower. Since this car will support a 6-speed auto transmission, it will more power and energy than the existing models. This makes it a better can than the 2014 model or even 2012 model for those who will be buying it in the market come the year 2016.

2015 Toyota Celica engine

Its engine is also made to reduce the amount of fuel that it consumes making it a better alternative within the market. In addition, people who will buy it should save about 20 percent of the fuel when compared to the current model of 2016. This should make the car a better solution for those looking for ways to save the amount of money that they spend on fuel when using the existing model of the year 2014.


This Toyota car is believed to have a battery charge protection to sustain more of its charge when using it when driving. Its lithium battery is also believed to durable when compared to the existing models in the market today.

In conclusion, this preview of the 2016 Toyota Celica will give those people who love Toyota cars what to expect after the car is brought into the market in the year 2016 for the people.

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