2016 Toyota C-HR Concept

2016 Toyota C-HR Concept is a new car that many people have been talking about due to its classic look and unique design. The car will bring revolution in the Toyota cars especially those looking for the best brands in the market. Since the announcement of the car, rumors has started spreading on the date of release especially for those people who are looking forward to buy it from the market.

2016 Toyota C-HR Price and Release Date

The Release Date is unknown yet, but on press release in Paris motor show, we hoard that release date will be before 2017, and after 2015. With this we can conclude that release date will be in 2016. The 2016 Toyota C-HR will range from $20,000 and $ 22,250 immediately after its release . However, the difference in price will be as a result of the special features that the owner of the car might need after ordering it from the company.

2016 Toyota C-HR Concept side

2016 Toyota C-HR Concept side


This new Toyota C-HR Concept model will have new features that will make it one of the highly rated models especially those looking to buy the best from the market. This is because of the new advanced features that will make you enjoy your ride as opposed to many other models in the market. It will have a higher speed especially those looking for faster cars in the market. For instance, the car will have the ability to accelerate from zero to 60 miles in just less than 12 seconds making it one of the new models of car to reach ever that high acceleration power.

2016 Toyota C-HR Concept review

Engine and Fuel consumption

This new Toyota model will have a turbocharged of 2.0L I-4 hybrid unit, that can produce over 240 hp as well as a torque of 270 lb-ft when moving at higher speeds. This will make the car one of the most effective cars for those looking for the best car models you can buy in the year 2016. This 32-mile range will amongst top ranges for the alternative fuel cars. Just like electric cars, this Toyota will almost has no emission when driving. This should make it economic friendly for those people who will buy it after the release into the market.

The manufacturers have confirmed that this 2016 Toyota C-HR Concept model will have no consume less fuel when compared to the other models that exists in the market. For example, the model will reduce the fuel consumption by about 20 percent when compared to other models that already exists in the market today for those people who would like to buy them.

2016 Toyota C-HR Concept sing

Design and Battery

The car will have a new design with 2 doors that makes it look more sporty. This should make the car have a brand look for those people looking for the best options within the market. It will have a new durable batter that will last longer when compared to the previous models.

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In conclusion, when you have facts about the 2016 Toyota C-HR Concept model, you will understand the kinds of car that you should expect into market after its release.

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