2016 Toyota Auris Concept and Price

The 2016 Toyota Auris Concept is unveiled. Toyota will be releasing a new addition to the already very populated hatchback market. The new Auris model, which also happens to be a hybrid is getting ready to go head to head with the competition with a couple of new features and design upgrades.


2016 Toyota Auris preview

The New 2016 Toyota Auris can be expected to be not too dissimilar to the already existing model. It is rumored that it will be 30 mm longer and 55 mm lower, while also being 45 kg lighter, all thanks to the use of lighter materials.


2016 Toyota Auris interior

Some of the larger exterior sizes may carry over to the inside of the vehicle, so that the interior dimensions provide 20 mm of space more for the rear seat passengers. Secondly, the trunk size can also see an increase to 530 liters and 1,658 liters when the seats are folded down. As for the styling, materials used for the interior are due for an upgrade as the state if the current model is not fully up to par with some of its competition. Also, we can expect some latest technology to come along with the new Auris.

Engine and Powertrain

The new Auris will come with a 1.8 gasoline engine which is rated to produce up to 136 horsepower, whose capability will not be compromised for the electric engine. The electric engine allows you to speed up to 50km per hour while being in electric only mode Lithium-ion batteries will be provided as the main power of the vehicle and will be conveniently located under the rear seat. Driving this new version of the vehicle will certainly leave you satisfied with its excellent performance. Because of its electric engine, there is no sound produced while you are driving, also there is less emission and the ride is altogether much smoother.

2016 Toyota Auris back

2016 Toyota Auris Concept Price

The price and the release date of the 2016 Toyota Auris have not been released yet. However, we can predict that it will be released sometime next year and the price can be expected to be around the same amount as the price of the current model.

2016 Toyota Auris review

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