2016 Lexus IS Release Date and Price

2016 Lexus IS is a new car that we should expect into the market when looking for the classic and stylish car especially after its release into the market. With the new technology that the car will come with, you expect that the car will always be one of the best when looking for that amazing car into the market by the year 2016.

2016 Lexus IS Price and Release Date

2016 Lexus IS preview

This Lexus IS model should be one amazing car when looking for quality car. It will be available for sale in the market by June the year 2016 for those people who will buy it into the market. Those people who will be buying it, should be prepared to pay a price in between $ $ 32,000 and $ 35,000 making the car one of the expensive models that people should expect into the market. On personalization of features, you should expect that the car will cost more better than what others may be offering when you need the best model of the car them in within the entire market.

2016 Lexus IS front

Engine and Fuel Economy

This 2016 Lexus IS will have a new modern V-6 engine that should have a new twin-turbo of 4.0-Liter engine when compared to the previous models. With the new powerful engine, the car will produce over 370 hp horsepower together with another torque of the 430lb-ft with an aim of making it more powerful than the previous models.

2016 Lexus IS back

With these features of the car, you should expect that this car would be one of car models that you should buy when you need speed and power from the car. You should expect that the features to make it durable when compared to the available options of those people who do need a classic car. On the fuel consumption, you need to expect that the car will have ability to consume less fuel when compared to other models that the market already provide for the sellers.


2016 Lexus IS auto show

2016 Lexus IS comes with other new extra features, which should makes it a bit more powerful car when compared to those previous models that people bought in the entire market when they were looking for something new in the entire market. With the great performance, it should have a higher acceleration capability than other models due to its 4.0l V-6 engines that the market provides for those people in any of the markets.


2016 Lexus IS

With the new unique design, you should expect that the car will be spacious in its interior at the same time have new leather and soft seats for maximum comfort. In addition, this will redefine comfort when looking for the best car in within the market. With the new advance technology that the car has, you should expect that you will always get what you need when looking for the best car into the market come the year 2016.

2016 Lexus IS interior

2016 Lexus IS interior

In conclusion, after understanding the above information, you will always know what you need when buying the 2016 Lexus IS from the market after its official release come the year 2016 for the buyers.

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