2016 Lexus RCF Release Date and Price

2016 Lexus RCF is going to offer stunning experiences to users based on its enhanced performance. Lexus Company is planning on how they are going to amaze most of fans anticipating for the best world-class cars in the year 2016.


2016 Lexus RCF preview

It is expected to offer neck to neck competition to the BMW M4 with its more dramatic and highly refreshed and redefine design. It will be powered by a 5 liter V8 engine that will give it an enhanced performance of 500 horse power. Moreover, it is supposed to produce up to 400 lb-torque. It has been modified to have an enhanced grille that will give it a more sporty appearance and enhanced performance on the road.


2016 Lexus RCF

2016 Lexus RCF

2016 Lexus again will use an eight speed automatic transmission system. This makes it a world class highly performing car that will take into consideration all the market demands and the highly aggressive features. The lower half of this version is going to have an F shape. The hood will be raised to offer sufficient space that will accommodate the V8 engine. The front and rear air outlets are raised slightly and made to behave in an L-shape in order to enable the hot air easily pass out. At the front end, RCF has some fins installed in order to enable it become more stable especially at high speeds. Its rear spoiler is speed sensitive and its four exhaust pipes are made in a trapezoidal shape to give it a more aggressive shape and appearance. The LED lighting and headlights have been made to have an L-shape.

Interior and Fuel Economy

2016 Lexus RCF interior

2016 Lexus RCF interior

2016 Lexus RCF interior and roof is made of light material to offer a reduced weight and consequently an enhanced fuel economy. It utilizes the Atkinson Cycle to improve on the fuel economy. The controls have been made to be user friendly and that there are no unnecessary tweaks involved. Besides, it comes in three driving modes i.e. standard, Track and slalom. Lexus boasts to be the first company to use this kind of technology in their cars.


2016 Lexus RCF auto show

2016 Lexus RCF auto show

2016 Lexus RCF wheels are made of aluminum materials and will have a wheel base of about 107.5 inches. The wheels are estimated to be 19 inch in size making it suitable to be driven under different driving grounds. This version is built to accommodate up to four passengers in its comfortable cabin space. It incorporates the most luxurious seats suitable for the current generational needs. It again features the most comfortable driving experiences with its leather steering wheel. There is also a refreshed climate control system that spices up the driving and traveling comfort. It also features a 7 inch touchscreen that offers a clear display at all angles of view.

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2016 Lexus RCF Price and Release Date

2016 Lexus RCF will be priced at $60,000 for the lower end versions and $70,000 for high-end versions. It will be released into the market at the later days of next year 2015. It will be accessible in most showrooms as it is one most anticipated model of 2016 with breathtaking features and enhancements. It will feature a Lead Ion rechargeable battery that will empower it to avoid any unnecessary failures while driving. It will make driving more of fun.

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