2016 Lexus NX 200t

A new 2016 Lexus NX 200t design , is a luxury SUV with strong lines, for bold fathers, who wants to drive fast, safe, but at the same time have enough comfort for them and their family. There is no special story behind this model, just the automaker’s wish to make an SUV that is not usual and boring, that gives some extra flare to the category for an affordable price, so that you can buy a good car, but still go on that trip around the world that you have always wanted to go. Always keeping in mind that you have a reliable car, so you might even decide to travel by car. There sure is enough space to even someone up, bring your friends and more than enough baggage.

Exterior Design

2016 Lexus NX 200t side

The 2016 Lexus NX 200t exterior has been designed to provide a feeling of agility not usually associated with an SUV, while in the same time being suitable for driving in the city. It has a strong lines, that are typical for an SUV and big LED headlights, that accent it’s courage. The taillights are almost hard to be noticed, the back has a bowtie shape, with an integrated spoiler on the top of the tailgate. The roofline peaks toward back, which gives enough headroom and the side profile is accented. Bold, flared wheels with 17 or 18 inches give a muscular stance to the car. The side mirror is innovative and adds to the luxury appearance.

2016 Lexus NX 200t Interior Design

2016 Lexus NX 200t interior

The interior of the 2016 Lexus NX gives a premium, urban feeling to the vehicle. The structural beauty is a combination of a high-performance machine with a material quality and functionality. The silver frame strongly highlights the center console of the dashboard, symbolizing the strength of the vehicle. On both sides of the seats, there are knee pads, to give extra comfort that is always needed.

2016 Lexus NX 200t review

Engine performance

As for 2016 Lexus NX 200t engine, there are two versions available, first is the 2.0 litre four-cylinder direct injection turbo-charged engine, that produces 235 horsepower and has 258 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm. Fuel efficiency is guaranteed. It’s the world’s first combination of a water-cooled cylinder head, integrated exhaust manifols and twin scroll turbo charger. The other version is a 300h model with hybrid engine and high fuel efficiency, low emission from a third generation of reliable hybrid powertrain. Both versions are suitable for a mix of SUV and sports car.

2016 Lexus NX 200t

2016 Lexus NX 200t Price and Release Date

The price of 2016 Lexus NX 200t is presumed to be around $40,000, which are only speculations, that are connected to the previos Lexus RX model, that is slightly more expensive. The colors that are announced are nebula grey pearl, F sport obsidian, eminent white, fire agate pearl, starlight black mica, atomic silver, F sport ultrasonic blue mica and matador red mica. As for the interior colors and materials, we will be able to enjoy in saddle tan/leather, rioja red/nuluxe F sport, F sport black/nuluxe F sport, black/nuluxe, black/leather, topaz brown/nuluxe.

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