2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid – Price and Release Date

The 2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is on the market. This cool urban model that emits very little harmful gases are finally found in our market. We tried it and now they can help you present it.

Exterior and Design

The first question that was on my mind when I saw a hybrid version of the Yaris was: Why the standard version does not look like this? At Toyota they say because they are the HIBRIA wanted to launch a new corporate look. All new Toyota should have this front.
Modified radiator grille, large, somber opening in the front bumper, the modern LED light … not much of that smiling Yaris, which we introduced last year.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid review

The rest of the body is not much different from the standard version of the Yaris. In addition to the Toyota logo in blue and the rear lights in LED technology is more or less the same.

The 2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is 3,885 meters long, making it one of the more compact, in the city car class, which reach a length of 4 meters. Width is 1.69 m and a height of 1.51 m.
Designers are stroke reduction in the amount they wish to contribute sporty looks.


2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid navigacion

The new 2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid, regardless of the type of plants, the interior is more of a subordinate drivers than in previous generations. Special mention deserves better angle of the control set, as well as a complete driver position for him much better.

The center console is designed to dominate the horizontal lines that reinforce the impression of the width of the cabin. Part of the center console that extends from the instrument panel to the right door is made ​​of plastic, which is very pleasant for viewing and touch.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid interior

Those parts of the 2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid interior that are not on the front line ( tactile and visual ) are made of thin plastic but are decorated with various textures and look nice.
Pleasant is the amount of space in the rear. Strongest impression is the distance of the lower edge of the windshield when I watched the back left seat.


Dimensions of battery are reduced, and the number of cells in them, but according to Toyota’s managers, the efficiency of the whole system is built.
When you press the Power button, and on any device, electrical appliances, and loosen the brake, the car will go quietly. No noise and no vibration. Only when you press the gas through a certain extent, activates and gasoline engine.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid models

There is no rule that says that every time at the same time to activate and gasoline. The moment was primarily determined by the amount of energy that is located in the battery.
Also, if you set the air conditioner so that the temperature of the cabin is very different from the environment through which you pass, it will also contribute to the work of Cesc gasoline, especially in winter conditions.

Hybrids are provided for driving on electricity alone. When you do decide to drive by, at best you can in front of about two kilometers. Then you will deplete battery power and petrol engine will start to work as a generator, so that as before for the lost energy.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid green

Fuel Economy

Although Toyota says that the average consumption of about 3.5 liters for 2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid, I did not manage to hang below the 4.2 l/100km. When test driving a Yaris diesel in Copenhagen, I was able to achieve factory stated consumption of 3.9 l/100km.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid back

2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Price

In Serbia, you will by buying a 2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid, or any other ecological cars, get back to 100,000 dinars . This amount is still not enough to motivate a serious number of customers to set aside 16,900 euros (the price of the 2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid in Germany), in US $22000 . Yaris Hybrid is not yet available on the Serbian market.


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