2015 Toyota Supra Concept – Detroit auto show

2015 Toyota Supra Concept has finally arrived. She made ​​her first appearance at this year’s auto show in Detroit . Although only a rumor that Toyota continues to produce sports cars we believe still wants because he is very good at it and is competitive in the market . All the information we pick up will help represent .

Here is video of new Toyota Supra:

Although we are not sure that Supra come out into the light of Detroit auto show, we believe that the whole show Toyota that will be on the market later this year . Although many argue that the supra its finished, we all saw pictures and video which must come from Toyota .

Although only market is the very information that only the U.S. this year sold 16 million units, which have 400 + horsepower hybrid sport car . And it seems to us that the 2015 Toyota Supra to enter the race the best sports cars this year and next .

2015 Toyota Supra Concept interior

2015 Toyota Supra Concept interior

Although rumors about the engine that will support the new Toyota Supra , exactly which engine it will be driven rumors circulating that the DCE to still be gas electric power-train . Although we asked Toyota officials to give us were some information on this model we found only comments like ” no comment ” to remain in the darkness and mystery of all , and accurate data about this model.

Photo of new 2015 Toyota Supra Concept Spider

2015 Toyota Supra cabrio side

Yet all of the information that we found , but that they not official and the moving around we put in separate posts that can be found here :

Although nothing is safe and do not have anything and sufficient information that will interest you , we have you hung all the rumors that we have not heard here :


All future official information that come out of Toyota’s Firm may be respected on this site and we will update all information . Until then stops only hope and guessing what will be the new model Toyota Supra and whether it will be and when it will be officially represent .




Here is Galleria of Photos of 2015 Toyota Supra Concept from Detroit Auto show:


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