2015 Toyota Starlet Release Date and Price

New and Redesign 2015 Toyota Starlet is coming soon. Toyotas come in all shapes and sizes. No wonder the slogan of the car in front is always a Toyota’. It is true to some extent. Toyotas have taken over the motor industry primarily because of their affordability. Toyotas are among the most affordable cars in the market today. On top of that there is a Toyota for just about all personal tastes and needs. If the 2015 Toyota Starlet is released it will serve as testimony to this. The Starlet is just one of those small, comfortable and convenient cars from the company.

Improved Performance

2015 Toyota Starlet side

The Starlet has been around for quite some time but now it comes with better performance on the road. For a car it size, the 2015 Toyota Starlet will most definitely turn heads on the road. With a totally new engine, this car is going to drive people crazy with its performance. Not much is known about the type of engine that will be featuring in this 2015 model but one thing is for sure- it is totally new. The engine will make hill climbing easier and descents simpler. This is a feature that was totally lacking in the previous models. Rumor has it that it will be a hybrid featuring a powerful motor to allow you the extra mile that you need without gas.

With better fuel consumption you can be sure that this car will be more than economical. You do not have to worry about having to spend a fortune on fuel because the starlet will survive on just a few dollars of fuel for a long time. Some of the previous models were notoriously thirsty for fuel.

A modern well fitted and improved battery will power this vehicle for a stellar seven years without having to be replaced. Manufacturers claim that the battery will be able to cover as much as 100,000 miles comfortably. This is not something that has been witnessed in the previous models.

Improved Design

2015 Toyota Starlet hedlights

It would not help to have improved performance without good looks. The 2015 Toyota Starlet is said to feature some of the most amazing looks when it comes to both the interior and exterior. The exterior is totally remodeled with lovely LED headlights and a revamped bumper. The interior will feature an array of highly advanced technology to improve your driving experience. It is slightly roomier than the previous models allowing for a more comfortable ride in and out of town.

2015 Toyota Starlet interior

2015 Toyota Starlet Release Date and Prices

The aforementioned are mostly speculations and thus it is not possible to be so sure about the date. However, it is expected to hit the markets during the later months of 2015. The price will be within the bracket of $13000 and $15500.

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