2015 Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Cost $130,000

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars is one of the first companies to dare to try new technology . Although not sure how it will go on the market because the price is too large vehicles that generation she dare to try the new vehicles that go on rechargeable energy.

Although it is energy that does not harm the environment rates are too high and people are rarely decided yet for the same. We hope it will become a much greater awareness and that people will realize that this is the future and that it will be more support and that prices story to a normal value . Yet the crises in the world . These are so far the data we have collected as far as new technology Toyota.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars featured

Toyota will have a hydrogen gas cell auto on the market by 2015, yet do not expect it to be affordable.

Toyota Europe item preparation and advertising vice president Alain Uyttenhoven told Automotive News the Japanese producer’s very first mass manufacturing hydrogen-powered cars would certainly be more costly compared to at first anticipated.

“We could anticipate a gas cell motor vehicle to retail at concerning 100,000 euros ($133,300) in Europe,” Mr Uyttenhoven

One means for Toyota to restrict the financial discomfort for very early adopters might be to comply with the lead of Honda. The Honda FCX Clarity– the world’s very first mass created hydrogen auto– is presently available to lease in the US.


Honda claims it will certainly rent about 200 motor vehicles over the next 3 years, mainly in Southern California, on three-year offers at US$ 600 per month. That corresponds to US$ 21,600 ($20,800) over 36 months.

By 2015, Toyota and Honda will certainly be joined by Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and potentially other huge global makers in having hydrogen-powered vehicles on the market.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Engine

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars engine

2015 Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars is yet to confirm the specifics of its approaching hydrogen automobile. Its development perform has actually up until now centred around the Toyota FCHV SUV concept (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle). The current version, the FCHV-adv, is qualified of taking a trip 690km in real-world problems with only a 6kg hydrogen storage tank.

Would certainly you pay top dollar for a first-generation hydrogen fuel cell automobile? Would you be lured to rent one, or just stand by a couple of years for the price to come down? Permit us understand in the comments section below.


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