2015 Toyota FV2 Concept

Of all the motor vehicles Toyota gave the Tokyo Motor Show, the 2015 Toyota FV2 may be the most imaginative. The minimalist single-seat concept is a peek at Toyota’s suggestion of a “fun to drive” vehicle in the future.

The 2015 Toyota FV2 is a concept vehicle that preserves the “Fun to Drive” viewpoint even in a world where automated driving innovation has actually escalated. As a car that can be “understood by the vehicle driver intuitively”, the concept links people and cars via the heart and the body, and comes to be a lot more enjoyable to drive the more it is used.

Japan Tokyo Motor Show

Associating with the vehicle driver’s body: Rather than making use of a wheel, the Toyota FV2 is operated by the motorist changing his/her body to with ease relocate the vehicle to and fro, left and right. On top of that, using ITS innovation to hook up with other cars in the area and web traffic facilities, the Toyota FV2 supports secure driving by offering breakthrough warnings about automobiles in blind spots at junctions and various other safety info.

2015 Toyota FV2 back

Associating with the motorist’s heart: Toyota imagines a driver-vehicle connection similar to the connection that a rider could have with an equine. By including technology from the “Toyota Heart Project,” both the driver and the Toyota FV2 can grow together.
The motor vehicle utilizes voice and image recognition to determine the motorist’s state of mind and makes use of that analysis and gathered info on driving ability and record to recommend locations as a co-pilot that
Japan Tokyo Motor Show

aids the motorist much better experience the pleasures of driving. Along with an enhanced fact (AR)1 show on the windscreen, the body shade and exterior show are changeable at will, creating a more intimate partnership with the vehicle driver.

Toyota Heart Project

2015 Toyota FV2 review

The Toyota Heart Project is a brand-new communication study project with the motif of “Inspiring the Heart, Inspiring You.” The Kirobo and Mirata humanoid interaction robotics, which integrate technologies for communication and expert system, are also part of this study.

In addition to merely paying attention and talking, humans and artificial intelligence will have the ability to take part in emotional communication, featuring expressions, gestures, and recollection of past events, many thanks to research through the open innovation2 method.

2015 Toyota FV2 side

The Toyota Heart Project is likewise conducting research to discover expert system that increases along with people, intelligence that is recognized to have feelings and stimulates desire and depend on. The aim is to inspire individuals, accomplish a connection between people and devices, and make life much more delightful and improving.

An exclusive mobile phone application (readily available for iPhones3 and Android4 phones) that allows individuals to experience the flexibility of the future visualized by the Toyota FV2 is set up for release on November 5. The application could be downloaded complimentary from the AppStore3 and Google Play4 application systems.

2015 Toyota FV2 Concept (Driving mode) specifications

Height: 990mm (parking mode)/ 1,780 mm (driving mode). Wheelbase: 2,360 mm.

2015 Toyota FV2 Price and Release Date

Price in unknown. But we think that it will not be too expensive.

2015 Toyota FV2 Release Date is unknown jet. But the model appeared in 2013 in some Auto shows we believe that he will appear soon.

More information:

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