2015 Toyota Furia Concept and Price

The 2015 Toyota Furia Concept first made an appearance at the 2013 Detroit Motor show as Toyota’s concept car. This car shows Toyota taking a risk and veering from the boring and lackluster designs of years. However, the Toyota corolla has continued to sell well over the years and is quite a popular compact sedan even in the US market. In fact most people prefer buying it as their first car.

2015 Toyota Furia side

Competition is growing stiff, with all automakers working extra hard to capture a larger market share. Toyota has however, outdone itself with this new sedan. The exterior design is what captures your attention first. The bold styling is somewhat a milestone for this new sedan. The risks that Toyota took in designing the Furia paid off resulting in a car with looks that are at par with the technological evolutions of this age.


2015 Toyota Furia front

The 2015 Toyota Furia features new full LED lights, and carbon fiber accents. The new LED design headlights bend and taper towards the front end of the car. Additional LED light strips are placed vertically at the corners of the front of the car to complement the headlights. The large grill is also a first for this new design.

2015 Toyota Furia Specs and Performance

2015 Toyota Furia concept

The carbon fiber traces are almost everywhere on the car. This of course will influence the car’s weight meaning better handling on the road and a probable increase in performance. The design of the car is such that from certain angles you will notice a fine design line that runs through the door handles to the full length of the car. The interior of the car is still based on the current generation model but with a few design enhancements.


2015 Toyota Furia back

The 2015 Toyota Furia is a larger car as compared to previous generation corollas. It has an extra 1.9 inches lengthwise and is 1.6 inches wider. Its wheel base is also 3.9 inches longer. This will directly affect trunk capacity and rear legroom. It sits 1.6 inches lower than the current generation corolla.

2015 Toyota Furia Engine and Price

The 1.8 liter with four cylinders will produce 132 hp. The Furia will use a six speed gearbox. The CVT transmission will be available in the larger trim ranges. Fuel economy is acceptable at 45mpg. All in all the Furia is a serious contender in the compact/midsize sedan market.Pricing might start at around $17000 for the base model and for larger trims; you will part with around $24000. Expect the Furia to be available for purchase toward the end of the year.

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