2015 TOYOTA C-HR Concept

Toyota, is the leading name in the Automotive industry. It has come up with the 2015 Toyota C-HR, which has also appeared in the Paris Motor Show. It combines the aspects of three of the Toyota’s other vehicles. As according to the company, the C-HR concept recapitulates the design and the packaging concept that spawned the first Rav4.


It is build around complete new platform, which is designed for the state of art handling and controllability. It measures around 43550 mm long, 1850 mm wide and 1500 mm high and has an astounding wheelbase of 26400 mm.

2015 TOYOTA C-HR Concept auto show

2015 Toyota C-HR Concept ’s new hybrid power train is optimized to provide an unique driving experience that completely coordinates with the 21st century trafficking conditions. At the same time it ensures outstanding efficiency. However, there are no official specs that are provided.

The lower body of the vehicle is intended towards representing the faceted surfaces of the precision – cut gemstone. It involves the shaving off the corner sides of the body shell and adds to it sculpted look. Also, it reduces the vehicle’s mass.

2015 TOYOTA C-HR Concept side

Some other best features include:

l Diamond styling theme

l Aero inspired floating rear lamp

l Broad shoulder look

l Muscular wheel arches

l Rear view shoulders

l Small sized hybrid SUV

l 3 door coupe shape

These were some of the features that will attract the customers towards the all-new 2015 Toyota C-HR Concept.

2015 TOYOTA C-HR Concept preview

The technical specifications of the model go as:

u The exteriors are characterized by the low silhouette coupe crossover

u Unusual narrow LED headlights

u The engine type goes 1-42.5 liters

u Power capacity of 178 hp @ 6000 rpm or 133 KW

u A torque of 170 lb.ft @ 4100 rpm or 230 N.m

u It has an atmospheric induction

u Comes with a power to weight ratio of 92.1W/kg

Specs and Fuel Economy:

The vehicle type is the Sedan, which falls in the category of mid size coupe and sedan. Other parameters include, the performance, which goes with a speed of 220 km/ h. The insurability rating is just 2 below the average. Moreover, it comes with a warranty period of 3 years/ 60000 km.

The fuel efficiency of the 2015 TOYOTA C-HR Concept varies with different parameters. For city, it is 8.21/100 km, for highway, it is 5.51/100 km and in the autonomy, it is 780 km.

2015 TOYOTA C-HR Concept Price

It comes at a reliable base price of $26,000. Thus, it is an efficient small SUV, designed for comfort of the passengers, as well as the driver.

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2015 TOYOTA C-HR Concept Release Date

The exact release date is not officially announced, but on the pres conference we heard some rumors from the Toyota that it will be on the market before 2017, and it will came maybe in December next year! They did not wanna tell us the exact release date, but they give us “round time” when we can expect New C-HR on the market.
They said that they truing to get in Europe market place, and compete with other companies. For us is left to wait and see what is Toyota prepared for us.

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