2014 Toyota Vios Review and Price

2014 Toyota Vios review

The 2014 Toyota Vios is on the market. This is one of the most Toyota models, and frankly very poorly known in European small countries. We find all its details and will present them to you.

Design and Exterior

At first glance its design’m speechless. And thoughtful. Knows that if it’s a luxury model or a sedan. Its shape is the one that sets it apart from other Toyota models. To me its distinctive sign is a visible place, it’s easy to think that this is a different model.


2014 Toyota Vios interior

2014 Toyota Vios interior

When it comes to its interior we can say the following. It is very comfortable, and luxurious. There are five seats. In it can easily sit five adults, and they will be very comfortable. Leg room is well done and in the one word “you will enjoy the ride with him”.


2014 Toyota Vios performance

2014 Toyota Vios performance

He’s got a great score by us as to its safety. While driving it will feel safe and inspires confidence. Of course the safety option has ABS brakes and air bags. Steel and has untoward circumstances of the accident.


2014 Toyota Vios front

2014 Toyota Vios front

Its engine is powerful and has a low fuel consumption. Toyota is the way the rules luxe model which is very good for city driving. Its engine provides excellent acceleration and great, so that you will not have trouble overtaking another vehicle.


2014 Toyota Vios side

Depends on options offered the price depends for 2014 Toyota Vios. And you can order the following details. The optional DVD Audio – Video Navigation (DVD-AVN), reverse camera. All this will be useful in driving and you’ll like it.

2014 Toyota Vios Price

2014 Toyota Vios back

The 2014 Toyota Vios price varies from the equipment you order with it. It ranges from Euro 17692.16 OR $25,000. When I see the quality and luxury of the car we can say that this is a great price.

More information:

Toyota http://www.toyota.com.my/vios/

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