2014 Toyota Supra vs Lamborghini Gallardo

2014 Toyota Supra and Lamborghini Gallardo are among the most supercar sporty cars available in the market. As great and premium cars, they come feature-packed and freshened to meet the current auto trends. However, despite sharing nearly the same features and superiority, the two cars have far and wide uncommon structures, features, elements and abilities.

2014 Toyota Supra vs Lamborghini Gallardo Engine design

Toyota Supra uses a 1 to 4 container engine able of holding 5 liters of fuel. The engine is designed with the potential to deliver a horsepower of 400 and relatively high rate of torque.

2014 Toyota Supra vs Lamborghini Gallardo side

Lamborghini Gallardo has been equipped with a 5 liter engine capable of powering 543 to 562 horsepower. Alongside the engine is standard robotized sequential transmission paired with paddle shift and rear wheel drive.


During the release time, the 2014 Toyota Supra was going for $40,000. This is one of the crucial plus for Toyota Supra! Because you can by cheep car for little money.

The first time it reached auto dealers, this Lamborghini Gallardo was offered at a price range of $181,900 to $259,100. It is worth it, but still it is lot of money.


2014 Toyota Supra vs Lamborghini Gallardo interior

2014 Toyota Supra vs Lamborghini Gallardo interior

The 2014 Toyota Supra interior structure is integrated with stylish and luxurious features all of which make the car more outstanding. The seats are covered with durable and supportive leather materials while the overall interior room is enlarged for better comfort. There is also a wide range of ultramodern components and features that make the car more user-friendly and reliable.

Like Toyota Supra, Lamborghini Gallardo is equipped with a wide range of stylish and premium features. In the front trunk, there is ample space for luggage while the cabin has been customized with premium quality materials and features. As for the improved technology, the car gets a powerful and reliable equipment like navigation control and cruise control.


As for the exterior, 2014 Toyota Supra is designed with the most adequate finishes and designs to help boost the car endurance to all kinds of conditions.

Outside the Lamborghini Gallardo is a wide stretching beauty and impressive features and elements. For instance, the car gets impressive and effective headlights besides excellent designs.

Overview of 2014 Toyota Supra Vs Lamborghini Gallardo

When comparing the two cars, there are various features and components which are available in one car and not available in the other. For instance, the price for both is not the same looking at the fact that Gallardo is more expensive than supra by far. As well, their engine performance is not the same since Gallardo is more efficient and effective than supra. Despite all these differences, it is your responsibility to determine which one to use depending on your personal needs and the amount of money you are willing to spend. But they are great!

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