2014 Toyota Hybrid Xle Review and Price

New 2014 Toyota Hybrid Xle is on the market. Given the current state of our home planet, it is everyone’s task to make sure that they get other ways to make the environment better and save the planet and consequently mankind from impending doom. This calling has been answered by the among the world’s largest auto manufacturer Toyota. Following their success with the Prius that warmed its way into the hearts of many because of its functionality. However, the car making giant did not just stop there and they lately introduced their 2014 Toyota Hybrid Xle concept car.


The car will be driven by the company’s highly successful gasoline electric hybrid synergy engine drive. As much as the company did not specify if there would be any improvements but the company did indicate that the engine in the new car would be more efficient and have lower carbon emission rates.


2014 Toyota Hybrid Xle interior

The interior of the 2014 Toyota Hybrid X will have an exquisite open feeling courtesy of the raked windshield that extends all the way to the dashboard. The interior also has a lot of natural light considering that the roof is almost entirely made out of glass because of the extended windshield and windows. The interior is expected to have a basic yet comfortable interior since the company is not known to have a fondness for the futuristic interior thing.

The 2014 Toyota Hybrid Xle interior also features high tech LED lighting which gives variable intensity. The car also has among others Bluetooth connectivity, an interactive navigation system and a scent diffuser which comes in handy by filling the air with a very gentle and relaxing aroma.


2014 Toyota Hybrid Xle review

On the outside of this four door designed 2014 Toyota Hybrid Xle has been enhanced aerodynamically with the wind shield once again being extended all the way to cover the headlights and in order to reduce drag and opposition from air. To maximize accessibility to the inside, the 2014 Toyota Hybrid X back doors are hinged at the back. This not only makes it easier to access the interior but also allows one to use less mobility to get in and out. In simple terms it is not only saving the world a lot of trouble but the user as well.

2014 Toyota Hybrid Xle side

2014 Toyota Hybrid Xle Price and Release Date

The down side to this great development story is that at the unveiling in Geneva the company did not go into details about the release date of the car or the pricing. As much as creating anticipation and anxiety might be a savvy marketing trick, it does create a lot of uncertainty but then we just have to sit and wait. More details could be released to keep the customers interested.

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