2014 Toyota Dear Qin sedan Review and Price

The Japanese based Toyota Company revealed the Dear Qin Sedan and Hatchback in the Beijing auto show in 2012 but since then the concept has not yet been actualized. It is however expected that the 2014 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan will be released this year. This automobile is very futuristic holding the key to the future of cars. The words ��dear qin’ in Mandarin Chinese mean ’intimate’ which declares the aim of Toyota which is for these cars to be cherished by many.

Qin Concept

2014 Toyota Dear Qin back

The four-door sedan is aimed at first time car owners offering a low budget and friendly car. Its fuel-efficiency is quite commendable making it ideal for driving around. According to Toyota the car is termed as global-strategic which is aimed at attracting more people to the already growing Toyota customer base. The car will have a lower center of gravity, bolder style and a better body structure.The design of the 2014 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan is indicative of what Toyota will be made of. It has a sporty and youthful look which serves to target most of the people looking for new cars, youth. The Dear Qin twins (hatchback and sedan) are expected to be an improvement of the current etios which were designed for emerging markets. Some improvements are however going to be evident though the engines will be maintained as the same as etios. They will be more like Chevrolet Volt or The Opel Ampera.

Price of 2014 Toyota Dear Qin

2014 Toyota Dear Qin

According to an official from Toyota, the initial thinking that cheaper cars would sell well in developing countries was very wrong. Toyota has now understood that a car is the pride of any family or person and developing countries are no different. This is a mistake the sedan and hatchback will cater for by giving quality but at a higher price than the etios. The etios had been designed to cater for those in emerging economies but the materials used and quality as well as general output was found to be mediocre. This had reduced the purchase of Toyota four-wheel drives in 3rd and 2nd world countries.

The front of the car will have LED lights at the front of a bulging hood. The whole body will be classy in quality and appearance. The comfort in the interior will be a little exaggerated with many quality info-tainment material as well as navigation tools and the leg room and head space is just so much.

Release Date

2014 Toyota Dear Qin review

Though 2014 Toyota Dear Qin was to be released in 2013, the car has not yet been out but iy=t is anticipated to be released by the end of 2014.

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